Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mass elephantiasis of the democratic process. I'm gonna need larger trousers!

Let me get this straight ...
Large numbers of highly paid, elected officials, awkwardly stood around staring at their shoes and breaking into cold sweats when the topic of student loan interest rates doubling was broached as it was being voted on: 1. because this topic was such a shocking thing to vote unto law. 2. There was a concern this issue was maybe left untouched?  I believe I am going to have to get my sarcasm fired up for this.  Did I take my vitimin today?
It seems as though it is safe to assume that, with this many fine minds voting on the law to pass, it was very well known that this issue was being overlooked on purpose?  This is a mass neglect of the offices that each of these law makers hold and they all knew it.  Not one of these people were elected without a promise to make education a priority and affordable to all who are willing to do their best. It is the key to the apple pie.  This is a clear example of exactly how the Democratic process in the United States of America and all we stand for is being corrupted and shamed by greed, money and corporate agenda first and foremost. 
Now that I've actually said "corporate agenda" I think I can skip hugging that tree today.  Allergy season is a bitch. *I also feel like I should advertise my complete adoration for the death penalty here.*
The truth is, "We The People" end up paying a very high price for big companies lobbying to have their positions cast in the fine print.  The law used to camouflage their real needs with some cagey numbers game just long enough to give the ink time to dry ammending our beloved constitution into what will one day, if this is allowed to continue, be nothing more than a beautiful dream of honest men who would have been mortified at what was being allowed to happen.  Irresponsibility and a lack of honor and  morality are the only things that will take this great land of ours apart.  Our elected officials make a practice of looking the other way to get part of the problem solved, "just this once".  The reason is they can't guarantee. The odds are better if we just "try for this much...don't push our luck". So they pass a watered down version of the legislation they should have proposed in the first place.  Or statistics show what will work and what won't.  Or just one more time, another fraternity of brothers bands together, to sneak a tax break to the pharmaceutical company that brought that miracle drug for ED to the market a year early with grant money they also received.  There are a lot of happy gay lovers, mistresses and hell, dare I say it...happier marriages?  Just one more time....over and over this happens in a myriad of ways until we're trillions of dollars in debt and we're cutting funds for education or raising interest rates on student loans instead of taxing the rich law makers more money simply because they make more of the green stuff or something awful like that....wait a second....