Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien..Farewell!!

Conan O'Brien - Live Update Feed

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I'm so sad to see you go my sweet tall goofy hair'd funny man!  I will miss you and the whole crew.

Since I've talked so much about my love for Late Shift Shows, I'm going (obviously) to throw in a little review of the last show.  While I don't think this was your best show by far, that was never really the intent.  Nor did the time alloted for a final show of this magnitude, really give you the chance to make it what you deserved, or we deserved.  But that was never the intent of the network.  They made descisions they had to stick with it might be a little bit of egg on their faces if they let you have any more time to build MORE momentum than you already had.    

Conan, you and Andy were wonderful last night!  Cynicisim is a plague on each of us these days that is not addressed enough.  "If you work hard and you're kind, amazing things CAN happen."  I hope the people watching you speak these words were not too cynical to hear your heartfelt message.  You took the high road, and addressed all of it.  You truly got screwed in this situation.  You had a reason to speak loudly in rage and protest and you made everyone laugh with you through all of it.  You're actions show classy very man. You could have gone a completely different route when addressing NBC on your last show, I'm proud of you. 

I do think picking Free Bird as the song to play was a mistake.  It's flipping long baby!...I would have loved to spend some more time with you and the "show" since time was so limited... I think your guests were so choked up they couldn't help but over perform comedy bits.  Will Farrel's skit was funny, but it could have been more of you two (a sprinkle of Andy and maybe his hippy pregnant 'ol lady) then you guys could've played the show out...maybe not the whole freaking song....I dunno...something...just Free Bird is was the last TSwCO!!!

Neil Young I was not expecting to like, but I did.  Well, I am not a fan. (Husband's friend, he not-so-secretly wants to drop the elbow on me when I talk about Neil Young..)  But the song he sang was PERFECT and he was the perfect musical guest for the last show.  That man loves you and it showed.  He did your last show justice.  I'm going to go hit the Listerine...

Over all, your last show was fantastic.  I'm sad we don't have more time with you on the Tonight Show.  I am excited to see where you'll pop up after NBC get's their pen out of your ear.  I've loved your show since you started....ok, since I saw you the second time on Late Night, a week after you started.  I saw you the first night but you were nervous, I was impatient...Cut a bitch a break.  This was a tragic error by NBC.  But not a tragic situation for you Conan.  You will be fine.  You are good.  Your staff is good.  Loyalty breeds loyalty.  Goodness breeds goodness.

A farewell only to The Tonight Show, that name has truely been harmed.  More coming on that.  Conan, you will be fine...I have no doubt I will see you very soon.

Does anyone wonder just when all of this is going to come around and get Leno?"  This is the second time now really.  Fool me once and all that....ahhhhhh, but I digress.  On with the show...

Mystic Oscar

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