Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So I was thinking...about Boston and the doomsday profits.

<p dir=ltr>Dear angry citizens of the USA: </p>
<p dir=ltr>Is it possible that the officials pointing guns at innocent people and searching without warrants were only doing what they were ordered to do? Voluntarily putting themselves in danger to protect us from terrorism?  Are they not governed by the same laws we are? The officers were outside hunting the suspects down, though they were unclear how far the terrorists would go. Or even how many there were. This being said, why wouldn't they keep their weapons drawn, knowing the terrorist could've snuck in through your basement window while you weren't watching? Or worse yet,wondering every second if the next house they came to was full of terrorists waiting to blow the block upon their arrival. Any one of the citizens in that area of Boston could have been providing assistance to these terrorists. I believe I would have my gun drawn too. At that point, in that situation, everyone was a danger to the safety of the public.

Is it possible they were just protecting us because they swore to do just that? Were lines crossed, yes. Important ones. I'm as concerned as the next guy about amendment violations. I have faith that the constitution will be there when these activities affect my freedom. I have faith in my fellow humans. At this point in my 36 years, I should not. I understand fear very well. Are all civil servants monsters? No. Does the common citizen have all the facts? Never, because 90% of us would unintentionally muck it up out of ignorance. If you are truly a badass who could've taken this guy out by himself, then why aren't the powers at be calling? Why simply shoot your mouth off instilling fear in fellow Americans and not serve the people? Why not stop the terror instead of complaining on the internet about the state of the union? Using this situation to verbally abuse others. This makes no sense.

Terrorism is designed to be invisable. Those who commit these horrible acts do so after careful planning. They can not be handled as the average criminal would. Their purpose and drive comes from their desire to make a big statement on behalf of a cause they believe is more important than their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. They attack large groups of  innocent people in the most unlikely situations. They know this will make the biggest impact and give them the platform they need to reach the masses. They know that fear, loss and the mental anguish it causes will turn a peaceful society in to a people who will turn on each other. No one thinks clearly when they're upset.
I implore those who don't have all of the information to stop spreading fear to all with a sharp tongue. That's what terrorists want more than anything. Terror has become a cancer that is squeezing the life out of everything we, as Americans stand for. Turning on each other is exactly what they hoped we would do.</p>
<p dir=ltr>Be thankful the streets are safe and we have brave citizens to act against people like this on our behalf.Take action, if you're trained to do so. This will fix things that went wrong during this horrific attack and ensure it doesn't happen again. Be thankful you were home hugging your family while these people were out facing unimaginable fear on your behalf. The fact is, they would not be safe in Boston today without the bravery of these men and women, without the bravery of all who participated in this terrifying manhunt. It's over, they caught the bad guys and went back to their normal jobs. They did this so these horrible men didn't move on to another city. This isn not the apocalypse. Be weary, be informed, but do not turn in to the people scaring innocents.That is the very purpose of terrorism. They want us to feel fear, they pray on our insecurities and weakness as a people to carry out their insanity.

I believe we should be respectful of the scope and magnitude of the duty our police and armed forces volunteered to do on our behalf. Extreme situations sometimes require just a little understanding and compromise. Share your fears, not your vicious tongues.Nothing worth having is ever easy. This is a phrase I use often. Fighting terrorism has put this into a whole new context. Having an organized plan for catching terrorists, is not a bad thing. Our ability to respond quickly to situations such as these kept these horrible men from repeating their terror again. Have faith in your fellow humans, not just in yourself. This wasn't about you or me. This was about an attack on our country.

Terrorism is more than a bomb, it's about breaking down our solidarity by instilling fear in our very foundation as a people. Silently stripping our trust in one another as a country of people who agree on our liberties. This is the most important and devestating, silent side effect of the terrorist plan. One that we're letting take over. Terrorism is designed to rot a people from the inside out. Turning us against one another for what we believe or say. Just because we may not agree on politics or how another lives or how our government chose to protect us in a devestating moment, with no notice. None of that is just cause to viciously attack someone on the internet. Speaking from arrogance despite our lack of information is irresponsible and damaging. We weren't there.

We are now a country who chooses to believe the worst in one another first. We've stopped communicating on a personal level. We show strangers and loved ones little respect, we respond to that fear and anger. We're a country that is in pain, we've been touched in a very personal way by terror. A country that no longer believes in the good in other people first.
We're a country that no longer believes in common decency as a way of life. This applies to those in government as well. You're becoming a group of leaders who are alienating the population a little bit at a time. You're driving a stake through the heart of this country with greed and actions that scream your collective lack of respect for the people you serve. You've been leaving us wondering who's side your on for years now and this backlash and lack of trust is proof. Respect is earned.

Our leaders are proving time and again you are there to serve yourselves. We the people see it. The citizens and leaders of other countries see it. This is our greatest weakness. We're a people who are giving the terrorists exactly what they want.


*I apologize for the editing. This post was put up quickly and in a passionate fashion. </p>

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